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Find Out Why World-Renowned Marketing Genius Alex Mandossian Looked Me Dead In The Eye And Said...

"Dude, You Not Only 'Write Like A Girl'...

...But You're The Best Autoresponder Copywriter I've Ever Seen!"

When I Heard The First Statement, I Questioned His Reasoning...When I Heard The Second, I Questioned His SANITY!

Here's the whole story...

"If you're marketing online, I encourage you to RUN (don't walk) and hire Jay as your copywriter of choice for any autoresponder sequence you need now, or in the future. That's exactly what I did over a year ago and my prospects have been converting to customers ever since."

Alex Mandossian

Traffic Conversion Strategies and Founder of 

January 14, 2006. 8:40 am. Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco, CA.

"Mind if we join you?"

I looked up from my cherry croissant to see a slim, dark haired gentlemen, dressed all in black, and his young boy standing at my table with their breakfast. 

"Of course", I said, knowing not what lay in store for me, "Please be my guest."

It was day two of the copywriting seminar. I was less than 2 weeks away from shucking the chains of corporate bondage and launching my freelance copywriting career. 

And I had zero clients.

None. Zippo. Nada. But more on that in a second...

As the man and his son sat down, he smiled behind his neatly trimmed beard and hip, stylish glasses, stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Alex Mandossian, and this is my son, Gabriel."


Now, I knew who Alex was. If you poke your nose into the internet marketing world for more than a couple of minutes, you're gonna run into his name. In fact, he was due to speak at our seminar that morning.

But he wasn't at the podium yet. Nope. By some amazing coincidence, 

The Guru Of Gurus Was Sitting At MY Breakfast Table...

Needless to say, I was a bit taken back. And more than a little nervous. 

It's not every day you have a private audience with one of internet marketing's most successful and highly respected names without shelling out a house payment or two.

My mind raced with questions...What's your secret? How did you achieve your success so quickly? Where did you get that jacket? 

And then, I did what any other self respecting direct response copywriting wannabe would have done at that moment...

I started talking to the boy.

We chatted about Spider-Man, Scooby Doo, know, important stuff. I told him how my daughter, who was the same age, would love to meet him sometime. I told him about my 7 year old son and his large collection of Star Wars toys. I basically rattled on for the next few minutes, trying to ease the nervous tension.

Interestingly enough, I found out later that Alex was extremely impressed by this. Because
I wasn't focused on him--I was focused on his son. 

I've seen how people act around Alex at seminars. They follow him around like a rock star, hammering him with questions and sucking every bit of free advice that they can. And I could have easily done the same at that breakfast table.

But that's not me, folks. I'm a family man, a Dad, a guy who really gets a kick out of kids. And I was genuinely interested in getting to know this little 5-year-old Mini-Mandossian.

Soon I relaxed a bit, and Alex and I began to talk. "Jay, what do you do?" he asked. "I'm a copywriter", I replied, and proceeded to tell him my story. I had started in radio, spent several years writing catalog copy, then moved into writing for LASIK surgeons before deciding to launch my own firm.

But when I said the words "catalog copy", he stopped.

Something Inside That Ingenious Cranium Clicked...

"Really? Tell me more about that..."

I quickly rehashed my catalog copywriting I had been an integral source of copy for a $200 million dollar a year I had written for a wide variety of products, ranging in value from from $5.00 to $5, challenging it was to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my sales message from 10 lines (which I had mastered) to 10 pages of sales letter copy.

Alex listened closely. I knew there was something brewing inside that brilliant mind of his, but I had no idea what until he said these words. The words that would single-handedly launch my copywriting career...

"Jay, I may have a project for you..."

Now, this guy didn't know me from Adam. He had never seen my work, never heard my name, never read a single letter of my copy. 

But for some reason, right there in the atrium of the Hyatt Regency, he saw something in me that morning. Something different. Something that few other copywriters possess.

He Saw The Makings Of A World-Class Autoresponder Copywriter.

Fast forward a few months...

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006. 5:15 pm. Just east of Strafford, MO.

My cell phone rings as I make my way home from an on-site freelance gig. 

So far, my copywriting career had been going full guns, with several projects in the hopper and more on the backburner. 

One of those projects was an autoresponder series I was writing for Reality Teleseminars Live, a joint venture between Mandossian and Tellman Knudson.

I see on the caller I.D. that it's Alex. I had sent him my autoresponder copy earlier in the week for review and I was a bit antsy about what he might think. After all, it was my first crack and I was hoping to impress. 

"Jay, it's Alex. We just touched down here in Atlanta for Big Seminar and we're taxiing to the gate. But I was reading your autoresponder copy on the way out here and I gotta tell you..."

I held my breath.

" just might be the best autoresponder copywriter I've ever seen."

I Nearly Drove Off The Road...The Only Words I Could Muster Were, "Aw, C'mon--You're Pulling My Leg!"

I mean, this guy had worked with some of the biggest copywriters in the biz. Household names. People whose books are on my office shelves. 

And he's telling ME that I'm the best autoresponder copywriter he's ever seen? GET OUT!

"It's true, man!" he said, raising his voice above the flight attendant's deboarding instructions. "You GET it. You TOTALLY get it. The copy is's flows...and it's very, very powerful. Dude, you keep writing like this and you're going to make six figures this year EASY."

Now, my head started to swim. Six figures? Me? In my first year? 

It was beyond my wildest dreams. All I wanted to do was match the salary I was making when I left my former employer. As long as I did that, the bills were paid and we were okay. But six figures...that was almost unfathomable.

Alex wasn't finished. 

"I've Been Looking A Long Time For Somebody Who Could Write Autoresponder Copy Like This..."

"Usually, I've had women write it, because they can relate to the emotional side of a sales pitch. But they also lack in relating to a man's logical side. Vice versa with most of the male copywriters I use." 

"But hit BOTH of those angles perfectly. In fact, and don't take this the wrong way...YOU WRITE LIKE A GIRL!"

Since then, I've been blessed to have written several more successful autoresponders for Alex and he has referred me to a number of high profile clients. People like Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Joel Comm, Stephen Pierce, and Jay Abraham, to name a few...

And that six figure thing? Well, let's just say it's not so "unfathomable" anymore...

These days, most of my time is spent teaching and coaching other copywriters how to write effective, response-driven emails and autoresponders through best-selling programs like Autoresponder Apprentice and Email Copy Made Easy. And that takes a large share of my time

But that doesn't mean you're out of luck. Not by a LONG shot...

Because I've partnered with someone whose autoresponder copy is among the best I've ever seen. And his name is Bob Edelstein.

Bob originally comes from a technical writing background. But after completing my Autoresponder Apprentice program through the American Writers and Artists Inc, his amazing talent for creating autoresponder content became very apparent.

In fact, the first time I saw some of Bob's copy, I remarked, "Are you SURE I didn't write this?" It was THAT incredible!

Over the past year, I've been personally coaching Bob in the fine art of autoresponder copywriting, showing him all the secret tips, techniques and strategies that have helped to make me one of the most in-demand copywriters around today.

And now, Bob has agreed to help take on much of my enormous client load. And I couldn't think of another copywriter I would trust more to do this.

So What Does This Mean To You?

Could mean a record breaking year. Or the same ol' same ol'. But here's the skinny...

I'm really not here here to blow my horn about my achievements. Chances are you're probably almost deaf from other horns blaring in your ears.

And I'm not going to go into the whole "hard close" that you see in other sales letters. There's no free report, no "be one of the next 50 to order and get a free set of steak knives", and no mile-long string of P.S.'s (okay, there's two--but they're very short.)

I just want someone from my team to write your autoresponder copy--plain and simple. With our track record and experience, we know how to crank out short, hard-hitting messages that pull the reader in, keep them there, and drive sales. I don't know of any other copywriter team in the biz who can say that.

Are we cheap? No. In fact, we're probably the most expensive autoresponder copywriters out there today. 

Are we reliable? Yes.  

Are we easy to work with? You betcha.

Are we the best autoresponder copywriters in the biz? Well, that's up to you to decide.

But look at it this way. Many of your peers have hired me to write thier email messages, and they're VERY happy with the results.  

And if Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, and many more dig what I do for their do you think you'll feel?

So here's what I'd like you to do...

  • If you have a relationship with any of these marketers, ask them about Jay White. See what they say about my autoresponder copy. You may have to pull it out of them, because they've all told me more than once, "Man, I really don't want anybody else to know about you, because you'll get way too busy to do my stuff."
  • Then and tell us a little bit about yourself and your autoresponder needs. Either Bob or myself will reply as soon as we can and take it from there. 
That's it. Pretty simple, eh?

Table For Two? Right This Way...

Right now, I'm sitting at a virtual breakfast table, gnawing on a danish and checking the Bears' injury report. And you're looking for somewhere to sit. 

Maybe your head is buzzing, trying to figure out a better way to maximize your time and generate more income. Maybe you're looking for someone to come in an totally revitalize your email campaigns. 

Maybe you've even got your kid with you (which is fine by me--helps to cut down on the sweaty-palm factor).

I'm inviting you to join me for breakfast. . Let's shoot the bull, chat about your business, and see if we can help each other reach our financial goals.


I'll see you in the atrium. 


Jay White

P.S.To put it bluntly, our services are not meant for everyone. We want to work specifically with serious entreprenuers who want to take their business to the next level--as well as dramatically decrease their autoresponder headaches--in the fastest time possible. 

So do me a favor...please don't pass this URL around to just anyone unless they fit the above criteria. 


P.P.S. I am currently developing even more products of my own which are taking a hefty amount of my time (that's another reason Bob Edelstein is doing a large share of my projects). So I'm going to limit the number of additional clients I take in or my wife will start putting up "Have You Seen This Husband?" posters around the neighborhood.  

I urge you to take action NOW and . Our schedule is filling up fast so please don't hesitate. and let's get started. 

Thank you for your time, and Bob and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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